APRIL 2017


                    ~*~*~EASTER SALE~*~*~

                      25% OFF all TOPTUL TOOLS while stocks last

                                    10.04.17  to  20.04.17

                                        NEW SHIPMENT ARRIVING MID MAY

                      Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  from the Contact screen         

                               Wishing one and all a safe and Happy Easter...


JAN 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR & WELCOME - a big "Thank You" and our sincere appreciation is extended to our many loyal customers and business partners for your continued support and assistance during the past year.  We wish everyone the very best in 2016 and with much success and prosperity...

Website:  We are pleased to welcome everyone to our updated and refreshed 'mobile-friendly' site.

We hope you now find it much easier and convenient to navigate on your mobile devices - please note the Product Catalogue is once again accessable

On-line Store:  This is currently under construction and not yet operational however we are working hard to have this available in the coming months and will keep you posted...